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Sibling Support Toolkit - Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition

When a child in the family is dealing with medical complexities, the entire family is affected with each member taking on different responsibilities.

Siblings, whether older or younger, have unique and distinct roles which can fluctuate as situations with the child and family change. Understanding siblings of children with medical complexities and how they interact in the family is an important part of the journey.

PPCC and Courageous Parents Network have partnered to bring as many resources together as possible to help parents, caregivers, and medical professionals give that special attention to siblings who live and share their lives with a brother or sister with medical complexities. It takes a team to work with a child with medical complexities, and that same sense of teamwork should be extended to support the siblings as they navigate the ups, downs, setbacks, and joys that make up their day to day lives.

Toolkit Includes:

Understanding the Siblings Experience

Activities for Siblings

Suggested Reading 

Resources for Siblings