CPN | We Are VERY Grateful to These Donors To-Date

We Are VERY Grateful to These Donors To-Date

The following people and foundations have contributed financially to our mission:

Michael and Christine Angelakis

David Cabot
Denyse Clancy
Jennifer Spiegel
Google Match
Peggy Driscoll and Rob Keeley
Hugh Taylor
James and Evelyn Taylor
Charity Appell McNabb
Nanci Gelb
Lisa and Russell Franks
Deirdre Lord
Ellen Berkman
John and Nina Englander
Sally Taylor
Kelsey Wirth and Sam Myers
Susanne and Andrew Offit
Melissa Halstead
Lyn Groome
Ellen and Steve Segal
Susanne Beck and Billy Parker
Simone and Roger Englander
Lisa and Chris Wyett
David and Wendy Teplow
Maggie Parker
Victoria Croll
Kris Deni
Michael Frieze
Cindy and Andrew Janower
Julie Joyal
Paul Guzzi
Larry Greenberg
Ramie Targoff
Dr. Fred Lovejoy
Debby Bergh
Kimberley Spencer
Jennifer Spiegel
Harold G. Kotler
Howard Wolk
Debby Bergh
Charity Appell McNabb
Sarah B. Taylor
Ashley Cherington
Marisa Wolsky
Barbara and Edward Shapiro
Kevin Compton
Rebecca Kirch
Stephanie and John Connaughton
Sue Pucker
Mary McFadden and Lawrence Stifler
Jennifer Bates
Russell Gee

Maryann and Matt Siegel
Cindy and Andrew Janower
Rebecca Harris
Beth Owen
Kelsey Grousbeck
Crista Martinez Padua
Deb Putnoi
Seth and Cynthia Lawry
Wendy Quinn
Juliette Kayyem
Leslie Williams
Kate Aselton
Sarah B. Taylor
Carly Westman
Elizabeth and Greg Barr
Michael and Christine Angelakis
Isabelle and Ian Loring
Ann Haywood-Baxter
Julie Palo Hayes
Lauren Budding
Kendra Wilde
Allison Pellegrino
Courtney Church Goldthwait
Suzie Tapson
Marie Claire Panayiotopoulos
Bob and Ginny Swain
Marcia W. Lewin-Berlin
Alison S. Lord
Rick and Cynthia Feathers
Larry Greenberg
Jim and Annette Furst Miller
Dolly Geary
Heather Daly
Juliet Davison
Sarah B. Taylor
Sarah Keating
Lynne and Pete Lamson
Kris Deni
Anne and Lanny Thorndike
Ellen Berk
Ryan Lacz
Victoria Hackett
Julie Saltzman
Karen Atkins
Meritt Smith
Ted and Barb McKeon
Landau Associates
BNI, Champlain Connections,I Vermont
Catherine and Les Hart
Angela Earle
William & Jo-Ann Greeley
Sally Wilde
Deval and Diane Patrick
Brian Carter M.D.
Paolo Abelli
Kate Archer
Jennifer Bates
Nancy Dunlap
Peter and Allison Riehl
Barbara Spring Mckeon
Terry and Nicole Murray
Elizabeth and Lars Schuster
Winston Lord
Linda and Rick Olney
Jeff Kushner
Katharine P. Jose
Sean McQuillan
Alicia Casey
Jan Turnquist
Ruth Clark
Emily and Wolf Kahn
Diane Meier M.D.
Ellen and Phillip Boiselle
Cate & Andy Waldeck
Genny Jessee
Lisa Patton
Rod and Christine Patton
Vincent and Sally Swoyer
Joanne Liautaud
Marilen Tilt
Anne and Jack Vernon
Carolyn Cline

Kate Gilbane
Nancy Kukura
Terry Northrup
Paige Colen
Elaine Christensen
Emily Pimental
Bernarda Rivera
Katherine Gebler
Ted Holmes
Allan Hackel

Brian and Cricket Mullaney

Nordblom Family Foundation

Miller Innovation Fund

The Good People Fund

Highland Street Foundation

Genzyme, A Sanofi Company