CPN | The Courageous Provider Award: Nominations are closed.

The Courageous Provider Award: Nominations are closed.

The Ilene Beal Courageous Provider Award and the Margaret S. Lindsay Courageous Provider Award annually recognize clinicians providing exceptional family-centered care in circumstances of serious childhood illness. Nominees must demonstrate excellence in engaging with patients, parents or other caregivers, and/or other pediatric specialists in a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to care. They must demonstrate qualities of compassion, tenacity and empathy in journeying with children and their families. Award recipients may be physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, social workers, therapists or others.

Courageous Parents Network is grateful to the Ilene Beal Foundation and the Margaret Stewart Lindsay Foundation, whose generosity makes it possible to honor and celebrate these leaders, and to the providers, patients and families that nominate them.

2022 Nominations are Now CLOSED and the announcement will be made in December. 




Please include ALL of the following information requested, as the nomination will be considered complete at the time of submission.

  • Name of the person you are nominating (nominee)
  • Nominee’s title
  • Nominee’s workplace
  • Your name (nominator)
  • Your contact information (email address and telephone number)
  • Your relationship to the nominee (for example: patient family, colleague, employer, supervisor)
  • Is the nominee aware of this nomination?  Y    N   Don’t Know
  • 1-2 letters of support for your nomination. Support letters may be from other clinicians, patient family members, or anyone else who would be able to reflect on the nomination. The letter should not come from the same person making the nomination.

Please describe the nominee’s qualities in addressing the following, to the best of your ability. Include examples wherever possible.

Exceptional family-centered care
How does the nominee demonstrate respect for the family’s knowledge of their child? How are the family’s values and wishes reflected in the child’s care?

Compassion and empathy
What words and/or phrases would you use to describe typical (or atypical) provider-family interactions (for example, caring; thoughtful; thorough; good explanations; safe; listens well)?

Ability to provide guidance and support
How has this provider worked with the family at particularly difficult times?

Collaboration with other pediatric specialists
How does the nominee work with others (physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy, child life specialists, etc.) inside and beyond the clinical setting (for example, recommends specialists; helps me understand other roles; coordinates with other clinicians)?

All nominations will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Courageous Parents Network Executive Director. Members will include representatives of the Ilene Beal and Margaret Stewart Lindsay Foundations and a Courageous Parents Network team member.

All nominations will be kept confidential.

The final determination will be made on or about November 18, 2022. Courageous Parents Network will work with the nominator to determine how to notify the Award recipient. The results will be announced publicly in December 2022 and the Award ceremony held in 2023.

Ilene Beal achieved great success and had a major impact in the Boston banking world. She was a dedicated and meticulous banker with a big heart, who did everything she could to help, mentor, and encourage other women to follow their dreams and passions. She often said that women can and should do whatever they want professionally. She died in 2015 after a valiant battle against cancer.

The Ilene Beal Charitable Foundation’s goal is to maintain her legacy by supporting those fighting health issues, increasing the ability of hospitals to provide high quality care, mentoring and assistance for women and disadvantaged people in underrepresented fields, and lending support to innovative people striving to improve our community.

Margaret Stewart Lindsay, a native Midwesterner, used her experience of personal tragedy to live a life of great compassion for those who suffer adversity. She was a longtime resident of Massachusetts and, from her homes in Beacon Hill and on Martha’s Vineyard, found countless ways to help both friends and strangers in need. She died suddenly, in 1999.

The Margaret Stewart Lindsay Foundation of 1989 continues her legacy by supporting organizations focused on a wide range of social and environmental causes, especially providing relief to those who suffer from disabilities or disadvantage, families and children suffering from serious illness, and organizations providing legal assistance to those who lack financial resources.

Prior Award Winners


Ilene Beal Courageous Provider Award

Erin Flanagan, MD
Advocate Children’s Hospital, Park Ridge, IL


Sara Perszyk, RN, BSN, CHPN

Empath Health, Clearwater, FL


Margaret Stewart Lindsay Courageous Provider Award

Anne Anderson, RN, CHPPN

Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WA


David Sine, MD
Hinds Hospice, Hoffman Hospice, Kaweah Delta Hospice, CA


Ilene Beal Courageous Provider Award

Hanna Epstein, DNP, CPNP
Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, Charleston, SC

Carly D. Levy, MD
Nemours/AI duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE

Margaret Stewart Lindsay Courageous Provider Award

Monica Holland, PNP-BC, MSN, CHPPN
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Portland, OR


Ilene Beal Courageous Provider Award

Kim Juanico, RN, BSN, CHPPN
Holtz Children’s Hospital, Miami, FL


Patricia J.(Pat) O’Malley, MD
MassGeneral Hospital for Children

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