CPN | Submitting a Blog Post

Submitting a Blog Post

Guidelines for Courageous Parents Network Blog Submission

Thank you for offering to contribute to the CPN blog. You are helping us build an
interactive community of parents helping other parents!

We know that original pieces, written specifically for CPN are amongst the best-read
items on our website and social media pages. Our goal is to post new and pertinent
blog piece of varying perspectives each week. Since we are always looking for new
stories there are no hard timelines for submission (unless otherwise noted) and we
happy to work with help you tell your story.

Before writing a blog for CPN we ask you to consider the following;
 Our audience is parents of children who have severe life-limiting illness and the
providers who work with them. We are uniquely interested in pieces that will
appeal to them.
 The best received blogs are those written from personal experience. The reader
wants to feel like they have gotten to know you!
 The tone and content of your piece is important. Your story should be honest
and direct without being preachy or overtly angry.
 We understand that sometimes you just MUST say IT, but please refrain from
inappropriate language – use symbols if a swear word is necessary.
 Constructive criticism of medical providers is fine, but please keeps the
expression frustrations respectful.
 If applicable, include the value of palliative care in your experience.
 When possible we recommend trying to keep you post between 500-2000
 Include links to any resources, research, articles or organizations etc. that you
may reference in your piece.
 A picture tells a story! Please include one or two with your blog submission.
CPN reserves final editorial review. We will never change the intention or meaning of
your piece (only tighten, copy-edit etc.) and you will have a final approval before

We are happy to help you along the way. Let us know if you would like help narrowing
your topic, building your story or editing your piece.

Submit your blog to connect@courageousparentsnetwork.org

My blog is submitted. What’s next?

Once we have received a final, approved blog, we will work to assign the date that it will
post on our website and be shared on our social media. Sometimes this can be within
days of receiving your blog and sometimes it may not post until it coincides with a
special event or theme we are exploring but either way we will let you know in advance
so that you can proudly share your contribution on with your friends and family via
emails or social media.

Your blog will remain on our website as a resource for parents. Older blogs can be
searched by title.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute your thoughts and experiences to the
network! Your voices are what makes the Network.