CPN | Understanding Nutritional Needs

Understanding Nutritional Needs

A guide provided by Julie Hauer, MD on recognizing the signs and symptoms related to overfeeding, underfeeding and how to work with your medical team to find the right balance.

  • risks of over-feeding in children with feeding tubes.
  • signs of over-feeding as end of life is nearing
  • concerns about underfeeding and lack of hydration at end of life

Many children benefit from the use of a feeding tube to give nutrition, fluid, and medications, often over many years. The decision of placing a feeding tube is often met with many physical, emotional and logistical concerns for parents. Feeding our children is a cornerstone of parenting and when feeding is aided by medical intervention the instincts of parents are tested. The information in this guide is intended to help in one part of that journey: lessening the harm that can come from excessive feeds and fluid at the end of your child’s life journey.