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Care Plan Book

The Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition (PPCC) is pleased to provide this Care Plan Book and hopes that it will make your job as a caregiver a little bit easier. We understand how overwhelming and difficult that task can be. Our goal is that this reference guide, to be used by families, caregivers and medical professionals, will become an invaluable source for you and everyone involved in your journey. We would like to acknowledge and thank the National Center for Medical Home Implementation for their extensive list of helpful forms. In order to create this Care Plan Book, a team of medical professionals, parents and volunteers reviewed and adapted the forms they felt would be most helpful to our families. All of the original forms, and many more, are available on their website:www.medicalhomeinfo.org/for_families/care_notebook/ We would also like to thank the numerous volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this comprehensive book a reality, including many different voices, both medical professionals and family members. Thanks, as well, for the beautiful design work by Kristi Schaefer and Scot Wallace at SWZ Design. The Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition is a statewide organization that provides resources for families, volunteers and medical professionals caring for children with life-limiting illnesses. Our goal is to provide a clearer path for children and their families coping with this difficult, life-altering experience. We strive to provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on pediatric palliative and hospice care across Pennsylvania through education, advocacy, information/resources and volunteerism. We count on the support and participation of all those across the state who are involved in pediatric palliative and hospice care. We would love to have you join us! To find out more information about PPCC and to learn about our activities or to make a donation, please visit our website at www.ppcc-pa.org.

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