CPN | Strengthening Your Parenting Partnership

Strengthening Your Parenting Partnership

Child illness impacts a marriage in many ways, often forcing couples to discover new means of coping and communicating. The following guide offers expert guidance and honest insights on how to adapt and grow as partners while caring for a child with serious illness.

You are not alone. 

At Diagnosis: learning to move, together, past acute crisis.

Weather diagnosis was expected or a long drawn out discovery, those early days are a time of adjustment that can bring up all sorts of new feelings within your relationships. Parents often feel a wide range of emotions including guilt, fear, sadness and anger after learning their child is living with a serious illness.  Each parent may experience different feelings at different times and those feelings may not always align with what their partner is feeling.

This may be the first time you, as a couple, are facing such extreme stress and complex decision-making together.  It can take time to process all of these emotions and to discover each other’s coping and communication styles. It is helpful to keep in mind that you are both grieving and learning to navigate this new and unexpected world and no two people are expected to react in the same way. Your thoughts and emotions may not always rest inline with your partners, but with time you can learn to understand and appreciate each other’s needs.