CPN | Top 7 Things to Know About Traveling with a Medically-Complex Child

Top 7 Things to Know About Traveling with a Medically-Complex Child

  1.  Traveling is a great way to take you out of your daily routine.
  2. Preparation, realistic expectations, and input from your medical team can help make travel not only possible but successful.
  3. Anticipate medical challenges ahead of time and create a plan for how to handle them should any issues arise.
  4. Choose an appropriate form of transportation based on your child’s needs, tolerances, and limits.
  5. Lodging provides your home away from home, so knowing how a location meets your unique needs helps prepare you for potential challenges.
  6. Packing well is essential to a great trip. Knowing that you will have the right items and where they are will help you keep the focus on the fun and making memories.
  7. And most important: traveling inspires curiosity and adventure, along with opportunities for all the travelers to be and feel brave.

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