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CPN's New Hospital Unit for Parents



When you have a seriously ill child, you may spend quite a bit of time in the hospital. The hospital is a good place to be as your child will be safe and cared for. But it is also a difficult place to be because you are away from your home and the rest of your family and it can feel like a foreign land.

It is also a really busy place with lots of people in different roles who are going to talk to you about your child’s care, and there may be, at some points, challenges with communication.

Click here for our new HOSPITAL UNIT describing much of the parent experience and offering insights to help you get through.

Some highlights:

  • If you aren’t sure which doctor is in charge, Ask.
  • Tips for getting some quiet time when so many specialists are coming through your child’s room.
  • What to do if it seems like the specialists are contradicting each other.
  • What to do if you feel angry or upset.
  • Who’s Who in the medical provider ecosystem.
  • What to pack for the hospital.

We’ve also produced an accompanying GUIDE.

And here’s a Simple Checklist for Caregiver Care in the Hospital. Because you matter too!

We invite you to VISIT, WATCH & SHARE with fellow parents.

And remember, You are not alone.


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