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Courageous Stories - Writing Prompts


At CPN we understand that parents and providers learn and heal when they hear from others who are traveling on a similar path. Sharing stories helps us all feel understood. Sometimes it is the act of putting your story down on paper that helps create understanding.

To encourage you put pen to paper we are offering a monthly story prompt. The prompts will appear on our Facebook page and be added to this blog post on the fourth friday of each month.

We hope these prompts will inspire you to think about and write about your own #CourageousStory.

April 2020 – Words from Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, “The moment demanded that I stand in it and lean in.”  Write about a time in your journey with your child that asked you to “stand in it and lean in.”

May 2020 – Words from actor and comedian Rob Delaney “I really feel like an alien now – I feel weird. I really feel like a different species. I’ve seen behind the veil and I’ve been humbled viciously.” .