CPN | The primary care pediatrician: quarterback of your child’s care team?


The primary care pediatrician: quarterback of your child’s care team?

February 17, 2022, 2:00 PM ET

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While your child may have a rare condition requiring a team of specialists, the primary care pediatrician also has a role to play, and for many families, it can be the most important one. The pediatrician is often the child’s first doctor, and, especially in instances where there are other children, it is an active and ongoing relationship that can have a long-term impact on the family feeling supported, understood, prepared, and empowered.

Listen, learn and ask questions during this hour as several parents of medically-complex children having rare conditions are joined with their child’s primary pediatrician to talk about optimizing the care partnership.

Our Panel

Jill Rinehart, MD & Kristy Trask, RN

Jill Rinehart, MD is Sylvie's pediatrician and Kristy Trask, RN, CCM is Sylvie’s RN care manager. Dr. Rinehart is also Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UVM's College of Medicine and the Pediatric Residency Program Director at UVM's Children’s Hospital, and a pediatrician with the UVM Primary Care Pediatrics group.

Kirsten Isgro, parent

Mom of Sylvie and Uma (16 year old twins). Sylvie has Krabbe's Disease.

Meredith Monahan, MD

Emerson and Margot's pediatrician, Essex VT Pediatrics.

Sarah Shaw, parent

Mom of Emerson and Margot. Emerson had Gaucher Type 2.

Kathryn Kaufman, MD

Atticus Roman's pediatrician. Unity Point Clinic Pediatrics, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Samantha and Roman Gamble, parents

Parents of Atticus. Atticus had Tay-Sachs Disease.