Parent Education Series: The Purpose and Power of Journaling

You are invited to participate in a unique, virtual, Parent Education Series hosted by the Courageous Parents Network! This session will focus on the practice and power of journaling.



Why Journal? Because there is power in journaling.

Reflective journaling can help you hear yourself think; consider what you are really feeling and in turn help you find your way. A journal is a good tool to help you remember how you were feeling and what you were thinking when you made critical decisions or faced certain milestones in your journey with your child.  Our experiences at CPN tell us that if the decision feels right at the time, then you are less likely to regret it later. Regret is much discussed topic in families coping with children with life-limiting illnesses and reflective journals are a great resource for finding creative solutions and helping with present day and future decisions.


During this 4 week virtual classroom series, facilitated by CPN’s Content Director and licensed clinical child psychologist Nancy Frumer-Styron, PhD,  you will learn the power of reflective journaling,  how to begin your own practice, and have an opportunity to share your thoughts with others.

The workshop includes:

  • A  weekly 90 minute interactive conference phone session focusing on relating your journaling practice to the most talked about topics in Courageous Parents Network: anticipatory grief, relationships, siblings, self-care
  • Weekly writing prompts to jump start your journaling
  • An opportunity to submit a journal entry to the CPN Blog
  • The security of knowing your exploration in journaling will be facilitated by a licensed clinical child psychologist

The Journaling Series begins April 18th and is limited to 10 participants. All participants must complete a short phone interview with Dr. Nancy-Fumer Styron prior to the start of class and be members of CPN. (its is easy/free to join…click here)

Courageous Parents Network is able to offer this experience at no cost to the participants (a value of $300) with support from our generous donors.

Sign up here   to schedule your entrance interview.

For additional information please email