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Discover the Power of Children’s Books to Help Young People Understand Death and Loss

April 11, 2024, 8:00 PM ET

Children’s literature can offer a gentle and developmentally appropriate way to address complex topics – such as death and grief – with children.

Through narrative frameworks, imagery, and relatable characters, children can better understand the natural cycle of life and how to cope with difficult emotions.  Reading books with trusted adults can facilitate conversation and strengthen relationships.

This event included a conversation with children’s librarians Sylvia Tag and Thom Barthelmess and professor Marie Eaton on how caregivers, clinicians, librarians, and teachers can integrate literature into the lives of young people to tackle difficult topics with care. Joining them was mom, Sarah Casey, a life-long lover of books of all kinds, who believes strongly in the power that stories have to connect, guide, and help us make meaning throughout our lives.