"Parents don't need consolation. What could possibly console? Parents need the tools to walk through the fire without being consumed by it."

Emily Rapp, The Still Point of the Turning World

Courageous Parents Network provides parents and families of children (ages 0-18) living with serious illness with expert guidance and virtual community to promote coping and resiliency and to lessen the isolation they experience.


We do this by delivering Web-based digital media that:


  • Provides parents and pediatric medical providers with professional guidance and parent-to-parent insights about all the complicated living and decisions that accompany pediatric illness
  • Provides parents with a framework to help make the tough decisions involved in their child’s care
  • Promotes the value of pediatric palliative care—which adds layers of support beyond medical care for families—to parents, providers and the public


Our vision is that parents of children with serious illness feel supported and empowered as they care for their children, and that the family’s journey is one of minimal regret and maximum healing.


At the heart of Courageous Parents Network are the parents themselves: parents sharing – through video – their experiences and feelings, speaking frankly about intimate challenges and moments in caring for their sick child. May these stories inspire, educate, embolden and provide comfort to other parents.


May they shine light on the dark places. And may they deepen and inform health care providers’ understanding of the needs and experiences of the whole family.