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What It Means to "Just Show Up."

September 14, 2022, 8 PM EST

Bearing witness to other people’s joys, pains or challenges—truly seeing them and letting them know they are not alone—is not as simple as it sounds, especially when the circumstances are sad or difficult. While friends and family intend to lean in, they may worry about doing or saying the wrong thing or becoming too sad, and thus not take that step. But, showing up for a family caring for a child with a serious illness can make all the difference.

Showing up doesn’t have to be grand gestures; it can be running errands, cooking a meal or simply sitting and listening. Showing up is responding to the moment with intentionality. It can be hard. It takes generosity, and a willingness to be vulnerable to things that may be difficult or uncomfortable. 

Come hear from a panel of parents and some of their people about ways – big and small –  to “show up” and the impact it can have!